The Epic Failure Show

The Epic Failure Show is Dragon's Den Radio's First and most popular Show. Join Geerkil And his band of Dunderheads as they guide you on a 2-6 hour journey through some of history's greatest hits from the late fifties up into today. (Also we screw up a lot

Show Times


No Show


4-6pm Club EFS

6-8pm Mythica Woodland


4-6pm  Club EFS

6-8pm Spotted KItty Tiki Beach


4-8pm Club EFS


4-6 CLub EFS

6-8 IYC (In club only show)


4-6pm Club EFS

6-8pm Club EFS/Cutlass (Alternating weeks)


No show

The crew

(Poor Misguided Souls)


Geerkil Ziskey

Broadcaster (Sounds a bit better than dj, or so he tells us.)

Geerkil Loves the hits, and has compiled just as many of the top songs year after year starting in the 50's and going into the 90's. Rarely filtered but always well meaning Geerkil is easily the heart of the EFS.

Show Times

snake profile.png

Snake Morpork


Snake is an enigma wrapped in a mystery coated in red scales. We're not exactly sure what he does, he might host the show on weekends but then again that could have just been geerkil.

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